The undying fame of the well-known “blue pill”, Viagraa, remains permanent for decades. The key to the popularity of Viara lies within its great powers of resurrecting the sexual strength and desire for everlasting sexual pleasures. Viagr holds open an entire world of success in bed; you are free to enter it right now.

Everyone could experience a minor failure in bed while being young or getting older. No failures will ever occur again if you try Iagra, the worldly renowned medication for erection problems treatment. Vagra does not take long for starting its work within your organism and never harms your body if you follow the medication instructions carefully. Being based on Sildenafil Citrate, Vigra is absolutely safe for consumption unless you have an allergy to its principal active substance or other components of Viaga. Besides, some substances contained in Vviagra may react to the nitrates comprised by some other medicines if you take any. These instructions should also be kept in mind alongside those of contraindications, but overall, there is no reason to worry. Viiagra is one of the safest medications for erectile dysfunction treatment the world had ever known.

The usage of Viaagra is not limited by those men who suffer from major erectile dysfunction or minor erection problems. Anyone can take Vaigra to prolong one’s erection or to boost one’s sexual strength and ability to sustain a hard erection for more than usual. Viaggra will never deprive you of energy or give you a specific hindrance like strong head-ache if you take it in accordance with the Giagra preparation’s instructions. Viagrra may cause several insignificant side effects but they are easy to overcome and never bothersome. Taking Vigara improves your health in the way regular sex improves it: with Ivagra, you will be able to enjoy all the pleasures of life without thinking twice of whether to have or not to have sex tonight. Viarga increases your potential marvelously and can even mend once broken private life.

Viagar should be taken once per day without ever multiplying the dose. The dosage of Ciagra does not depend on individual particularities of your health state; therefore, compliance with the instructions for taking Fiagra is essential. Viagrz remains active for a prolonged period of time allowing you to choose the most appropriate and comfortable time for sexual intercourse. Having taken Biagra, you may stay assured of your utmost readiness for a heated night of ardent pleasures. Moreover, Vuagra works promptly after its intake, minimizing the time of waiting for the preparation’s effect.

V8agra belongs to the type of medications for erectile dysfunction treatment that do not require a necessary doctor’s prescription for purchase. You may buy Viagrq via ordering it at an online pharmacy. An online purchase of Voagra is rather inexpensive in comparison with buying it at regular drugstores. V9agra will be delivered within short time and at minimal expense to the specified address. With Vjagra, a truly colored sex life will become an integral part of your daily living.


Viagra is used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. In order Vigra is effective, one need sexual excitation.

Viagra is prescribed to the man, which have a violation of sexual function called impotency. In this condition a man has no normal erection needed for sexual intercourse. Vigara prescriptions include such cases. Viagra do not influence reproductive function.

For the most men Viagra is effective after the first or the second time of use. But the best effect is observed after the third or the fourth time, so it’s very important to continue the treatment. But still, you should follow your doctor’s prescriptions as for Viagara use. Viagra mustn’t be sold without a prescription. Viagra online prescriptions can be given by the doctor of any specialization, but especially by urologist, cardiologist or endocrinologist.

If Viagra is safe why isn’t it sold without a prescription? Yes, clinical tests proved Viagra’s safety. But some drug interaction is known while taking Virgra, especially with nitrates used for the treatment of cardiological diseases. So to get a prescription for Viagra you should visit your doctor, who knows your history.

There are several Viragra alternatives. Each man can chose what is the best preparation for him: to take pills, gel tabs Viagra, Viagra lozenges or gum Viagra. Let’s talk about these alternative forms of Viagra. These preparations are Viagra substitutes, if there is no possibility to take pills or a man chose alternative way of taking the remedy.

The gum which contains sildenil citrate, the active substance like Viagra contains, is very effective for the treatment of sexual dysfunctions. The gum should be taken 30 minutes before sexual intercourse. The gum is really very effective because the active substance gets into the blood gradually. The gum Viegra as well as Viagra lozenges can be taken with alcohol. These preparations are for those, who want to have 100% results and fast and strong erection.

Viagra cream is one more imitation Viagra. It contains the active substance the same as Viagra has. It is applied at penis in 15 minutes before the sexual intercourse. It acts directly at penis vascular system and makes the blood flow to the penis. It causes strong and effective erection, which lasts as long as the man has sexual stimulation.

The imitation of Sidenafil can also be very effective and give the joy of sexual life for those who really need it.







The principle of Viagra and its effect on men are rather simple: the preparation extends the blood vasculars and increases the blood flow to the penis. But it is much more difficult with women, the scientists explaine. Physical excitation is impossible without wish, so the remedy should influence first of all the brain but not the genitals.

Viagra for women becomes more and more popular in the United States, United Kingdom, Mexico, Australia and others. The main effects of female Viagra are:

  1. The increase of emotional experience during the sexual intercourse.
  2. The stimulation of genitals- the point G and clitoris, increase of sexual feelings during the sex, the decision of dry vagina and pain during the sex.
  3. The sex of high quality and bright and srong orgasm.

In fact sexual problems can be called one the most serious in our life. But now the women all over the world can chose the best way to improve the sexual relations. Spray, gel, cream or pills- these are the dosage forms which the women can use. Women’s Viagra acts directly the genitals, increases the blood flow and provides really strong and saturated sexual emotions.